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It's Spikeball, on water

We meant it when we said PLAY ANYWHERE. Attach Spikebuoy to your Pro or Standard Spikeball set, fill the anchor bag, and you're ready to play in the ocean, lake, pool or that giant bathtub from Scarface.

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What's in the box?

5 leg floats

1 carrying / anchor bag

Fits on Spikeball Standard and Pro Kits


* Spikeball kit not included

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Playing Tips

Standard Spikeball rules with one exception. If you’re playing in a pool, any shot that lands outside the pool is out of bounds


Play at any water depth. More shallow water = more running and dives


The carrying bag is also the anchor bag. Fill it with a 1.5kg (ish) item that doesn’t have sharp edges! Sand works great, as does a collection of coins and miscellaneous objects found at the bottom of your mum's handbag

See it in the wild

Life before Spikebuoy

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