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May 11, 2021

What is Spikeball?

Hey Siri: what is that weird trampoline game I keep seeing in the park?

You may have seen that little black and yellow trampoline game all over the place, but still have no clue why groups of four people are hitting a ball down into it. Finally, some answers.


Spikeball, commonly referred to as the love child between volleyball and four-square, is a new game that's sweeping across the globe. For the technical nerds amongst us, the sport is called roundnet and Spikeball makes roundnet equipment 😎

It is played 2 vs 2, with a round, taught net placed between the teams. A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it ricochets up at their opponents. They have up to three hits between them (just like Volleyball) to get the ball back onto the net. If they miss the net, or if the ball hits the rim, they score.


Oh did we mention that there are no boundaries? Once a point starts, players can move or hit the ball anywhere - yup, 360 degrees.


How to play 👇

👈 Play anywhere

You can play on your Spikeball kit in the garden, park, beach, driveway, sports hall, squash court, mountain, swimming pool, ocean, living room ... wherever your heart desires.

Let's hook you up👇

Whether you're fresh outta primary school, or disguising your grey hairs with L'Oréal Paris (no shame), you'll probably love Spikeball.

Kids 👶

We invented the Spikeball Rookie Kit for kiddos. Bigger net, bigger ball = more fun. Check it out:

I just wanna have a good time 🏝

Our standard kit has everything you need for a fun (if not slightly competitive) game of 2v2.

For the ultra competitive 🏆

The Pro Kit is for those who want to take their game to the next level. It's our official tournament kit.

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